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Scorpio Full Moon

Oh Wow! Secrets are coming out of the dark. This full moon in Scorpio is forcing you into a transformation, whether or not you are ready for it. 

Sex, taxes, other people's money, do I need to say more? We can see in the media where these stories are playing out in real time. But what about you? That is the question Scorpio's energy is bringing up. Are you hiding some dark secret you hope never sees the light of day? There can only be three areas in your life that will reveal themselves: sexual deviance, tax fraud, and dealing poorly with debt. Okay, maybe it's not that deep. Either way, transformation is revealing itself, so get prepared. 

Why so dramatic? The Universe is pushing you out of stagnancy. The conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus is trying to move you into a place of prosperity. Scorpio's full moon is the lighthouse of the path that will create the necessary change.

Lilith is stirring the pot for all the women who have lost themselves in the darkness of the false illusion of unworthiness. Where have you fallen prey to the belief that your worth came from your sexual attraction? 

Transformation happens when you take the time to ask yourself the hard questions and answer them honestly. 

Here's a simple guide to finding Scorpio in your birth chart and understanding its effects on each house:

  1. Locating Scorpio in Your Chart Your birth chart is divided into twelve sections called houses, each representing different areas of your life. To find Scorpio in your chart, you'll need to locate the house where Scorpio is located. The sign on the cusp (beginning) of the house indicates the sign ruling that house.

2. Understanding Scorpio's Influence:

Scorpio is associated with intensity, passion, transformation, and depth. Wherever Scorpio is in your chart, it brings these qualities to the matters ruled by that house.

3. Effects on Each House:

  • First House (Ascendant): Scorpio here may indicate a magnetic personality, deep emotional intensity, and a need for personal transformation.

  • Second House: Scorpio can influence your approach to finances, possessions, and self-worth, often indicating a desire for security and control.

  • Third House: Scorpio may influence communication style, revealing a tendency towards depth, secrecy, and probing inquiry in your interactions with others.

  • Fourth House (IC): Scorpio may bring intensity and emotional complexity to your home life and family dynamics, as well as a desire for privacy and emotional security.

  • Fifth House: Scorpio may influence creativity, romance, and self-expression, indicating a passionate and deeply emotional approach to these areas.

  • Sixth House: Scorpio may influence your work habits, health, and daily routines, suggesting a need for depth and intensity in your service to others.

  • Seventh House (Descendant): Scorpio may influence your relationships, indicating a desire for profound emotional connection and transformation in partnerships.

  • Eighth House: Scorpio naturally rules the eighth house, intensifying themes related to intimacy, shared resources, transformation, and the occult.

  • Ninth House: Scorpio may influence your beliefs, philosophy, and higher education, indicating a deep interest in uncovering hidden truths and exploring the mysteries of life.

  • Tenth House (MC): Scorpio may influence your career, public image, and reputation, suggesting a desire for power, control, and transformation in your professional life.

  • Eleventh House: Scorpio may influence your friendships, social networks, and aspirations, revealing a need for deep, meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

  • Twelfth House: Scorpio may influence your subconscious mind, spirituality, and hidden enemies, suggesting a need for deep introspection, healing, and transformation.

Astrology is complex, and interpretations can vary based on individual factors in your birth chart.

Interested in learning the basics about reading your natal chart, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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