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Mary Magdalene, Venus, and the Divine Feminine: Exploring Influence and Intention

Hey girl, have I told you how Mary Magdalene has been on my mind? I know it sounds odd coming from someone who is not religious. The reasoning might be the same as when Ishtar came to me in a dream as the Morning Star. I know that Mary is a Divine Feminine, like Ishtar, and I believe they are both tied to the planet Venus.

Venus was the brightest star during the solar eclipse and witnessed the moon rolling away from blocking the sun's light. The Bible also says that Mary looked UP and saw the round stone move away from the tomb, and the son Jesus rose again. This statement makes me question everything. Especially since this Spring, April 8th, we experienced a solar eclipse. 

Goddess Ishtar's story says that she went to the underworld to save Tammuz so that they could celebrate food and music again. The story says that Tammuz was castrated just like the sun's light was cut off by the moon during a solar eclipse, bringing the fear of the crops dying in the Spring and preventing a rebirth.

So maybe that is why I have had this gravitation toward Mary. Nonetheless, she is a representation of the Divine Feminine. When I think of the Divine Feminine, I think of the essence, the energy behind the meaning of the divine feminine. We could get caught up in deciphering what is true and what is not in these fictional stories, but the bottom line is that these stories are to remind us of who we are. All I can say is that we should use our critical thinking and discernment, especially when believing in something because someone says it is true.

I will always share my perspective, but it is up to you to come up with your conclusions about what I share; I am not here to persuade you to think like me.

With that said, I believe there is power in intention and what it means to connect to the essence of a divine feminine. Intention is your goal, purpose, or aim. The essence of Mary Magdalene is compassion, devotion, faith, loyalty, and creativity.

So, where in your life have you forgotten your essence, and how can you form a ritual to help you become more intentional?

For me, making an altar helps to strengthen the relationship with your essence and discover who you are. Choosing the deity you want to work with can empower you with that deity's essence in your daily life.

Venus is in Aries until April 29th and then moves into Taurus, where she rules. Venus in Aries is about your appearance, personality, and taking action toward what you love. But she adds more passionate Venusian energy to the fiery force of Aries. Where are you feeling these powerful energies in your life? You can check out where you have Venus in your chart.

I now realize why I have felt Mary's mothering energy because I have Venus in Cancer in the 5th house of passion and children. Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house of home and mother energy, and the ruling planet is the moon, representing our emotions; Mother Mary.

The intertwining tales of Venus and Mary Magdalene offer profound insights into the complexities of womanhood, self-worth, and the dynamics of relationships. Despite the misconceptions surrounding Mary's character as a former prostitute, her story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of redemption and the resilience of the human spirit.

Similarly, Venus, an embodiment of love, beauty, and divine femininity, beckons us to step into our worth and embrace our inherent value. In a world where women are often subjected to objectification and degradation, Venus reminds us of our intrinsic worthiness and the importance of cultivating self-love and respect.

The stories of Mary Magdalene and Venus also shed light on the pervasive issues of misogyny and patriarchal structures that continue to oppress and marginalize women. By reclaiming who we are, and embracing our divine feminine essence, we can challenge these oppressive systems and pave the way for greater equality and empowerment.

As we reflect on the story of Mary Magdalene, let us embrace our inherent worth, celebrate our resilience, and stand in solidarity with one another as we continue to navigate the complexities of womanhood and relationships. Together, we can rewrite the narratives of our lives and create a world where every woman is valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

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