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April's Solar Eclipse

Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air. Wow, are there some intense energies brewing with this solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th and Mercury going into retrograde? It is time to pull out your Tarot deck to receive guidance on what or why you might be dealing with some emotional turmoil.

As I have always said, the light will reveal the dark, exactly what is happening in so many industries. For instance, the music industry is taking a massive hit with uncovering all the shady activity, and what about Hollywood's dark and sinister behavior toward the vulnerable young actors on Nickelodeon? All I can say is you better buckle up because it isn't over yet.

So, how can you maneuver through these chaotic times? I believe our external world reflects what is going on internally; observe it. What is trying to come to the surface and bear light on habits, people, or things that are keeping you from evolving?

Spring cleaning is appropriate for this time of year, especially with these wild energies. Get rid of the clutter and dust, clean and repair tattered upholstery. Add a few crystals to cleanse and protect your environment. I recommend black tourmaline for protection and selenite for cleansing. Add lemons to a bowl and place it on your dining table to remove negative energy. Burn incense, Dragons Blood, Nag Champa, or Frankincense. Bring the outdoors in with a few plants and flowers. You will notice the shift in energy by how good you feel in your space.

Aries energy revolves around taking action and observing where you are using your time that is not giving you a return on your investment. Where are you procrastinating that is keeping in the headspace of feeling stuck and draining your energy? Who is not cheering you on as you move forward? Who is holding you back because they are afraid you will leave them behind, so they sabotage your efforts by forcing you to focus on things that don't get you closer to what you want?

Beware, Aries energy is starting energy. You might feel inspired to start a new project with the New Moon in Aries, but the Solar Eclipse will prohibit the movement if you create from old habits. Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means it is first. Cardinal signs are known to be starters but not finishers. The Aries New Moon will be highlighting this habit. Make sure you look at your chart to see what house you have in Aries; you will understand better how you will be affected.

For instance, if you have Aries in the sixth house of health and healthy routines, you could be prone to starting new diets or exercise regimes but give up and go back to old eating habits. Watch out for people or projects to creep up that you have not finalized. And don't do anything shady unless you want it to come back and bite you in the ass.

Overall, this Spring's cosmic message of rebirth is that Source Energy resides in you, and no one is coming to save you, so you better clean up your shit.

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