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Must Be The Season Of The Witch

the enchantress is empowered
Season of the Witch

Can you feel the shift? It must be the season of the witch enchanting us to embrace Libra season, Venus, the cosmic orchestrator, who is awakening our feminine souls to step boldly into our empowered enchantress. As the air stirs with anticipation, we're summoned to dispel the stagnant, despair-laden breezes that have lingered for far too long.

The term 'witch' was born from a time when men found themselves enchanted, drawn from their towering thrones by the bewitching allure of women. Perplexed, they attributed it to spells, unable to fathom any other explanation. In truth, the divine feminine essence of Venus, our celestial sister, imbues our auras with a radiant confidence that hums and pulses, irresistibly magnetic.

During this transformative season, a clarion call echoes through the cosmos, urging us to heal any lingering wounds, especially those etched into our maternal or womb spaces. These wounds can be insidious shadows, sown by experiences that obstruct the flow of abundance in our lives.

Perhaps it traces back to a traumatic childbirth, a moment of abandonment by one who should have cradled us with unconditional love, or times when emotional refuge was withheld. You might wonder how these maternal matters intertwine with your relationship with money. Astrologically, the fourth house symbolizes this maternal connection, ruled by Cancer, the watery zodiac. Money, we often say, flows like water (currency).

The Season of the Witch beckons us to cleanse the lingering toxicity within our womb, whether stemming from painful experiences like sexual assault, ill-fated love, or haunting observations of our mothers' interactions with men. It's time for deep introspection, a journey to uncover the origins of our detachment from the inherent flow of abundance.

In your journal, navigate these turbulent emotions, probing the depths to unearth the roots of your financial struggles. Erect an altar for forgiveness and rebirth, a sacred space to release the empowered enchantress within you. With liberation comes empowerment, paving the way for a path untraveled, one brimming with the magic of your newfound sovereignty.

Know this: victimhood need not be your eternal cloak. Embrace the inner witch who knows her desires, demands her worth, and dares to live boldly, illuminating the world with her radiance. The time for your enchanting metamorphosis has arrived, dear sister. Embrace the witch within, embrace the magic, and shine brilliantly.

I created a powerful playlist, Divine Feminine

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