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Awakening the Divine Feminine: Embracing the Power of Creation

Galactic Federation Divine Feminine

In the sacred realm of the empowered enchantress, I channel the wisdom of the Oracle from the Galactic Federation. Today, we embark on a journey of reflection and illumination, unraveling the intricate threads that weave the fabric of our society and our perception of work.

Let us delve into the origins of "America," a name derived from "Amerigo," with roots in Gothic Amalrich, meaning "work ruler" and "control of physical labor." It was a grand social experiment for the new world, an endeavor that shaped the very foundation of our society today. But how do we break free from the labyrinth of this experiment and reclaim our divine essence?

The healing journey begins with awakening the divine feminine energy, for it holds the key to unlocking the wellspring of creativity and inspiration within us. As we align with this sacred energy, we give birth to ideas that fill us with boundless inspiration - the influence of the gods, the breath of life itself.

Yet, throughout history, the social experiment sought to confine creativity to mere hobbies or art, something only the privileged could cherish. The system conditioned us to perceive work solely as a means to earn enough to get by, without affording the true richness of life experiences.

The Federal Reserve was established to bridge the gap between our desires and financial capabilities, leading us into the world of debt - an illusion of ownership and happiness, acquired through relinquishing our life force to the pursuit of material possessions.

To find financial freedom, we are told to earn more money, but marketing tactics manipulate predictable behaviors, encouraging us to dive deeper into debt to find fleeting happiness. Yet, true joy lies not in the pursuit of excess, but in the act of creation itself.

Herein lies the imbalance: the system fosters the belief that indulgence and extravagance bring happiness, but the truth is, creation is the essence of true joy. An artist, whether planting food, innovating, or creating art, harnesses skill to provide resources and experiences. Yet, our programming has led to the saying "starving artist," denoting not just scarcity but also a loss of creativity.

So, how do we escape the work program and step into the realm of creation and faith? The answer lies in stillness. When we are still, we open ourselves to the whispers of inspiration, the voice of God. In those sacred moments, ideas are birthed, and our souls sing with joy.

While in the doing, we may find ourselves in the grip of burnout, feeling uninspired and disconnected from our true essence. It is in the moments of stillness that we reconnect with inspiration, and in inspired action, we bring forth the magic of creation.

Every time we heed the call of inspiration, joy and happiness surge within us, drawing more abundance and love into our lives. So, I urge you to play, to be lighthearted, and to embrace your imagination to its fullest.

In this dance of creativity, you shall awaken the divine feminine within, and the world shall witness the birth of Enchantria, a realm of magic and enchantment where dreams come alive and joy knows no bounds. Embrace the voice of inspiration, for it is the voice of God guiding you toward a life of fulfillment and abundance.

Let us unlock the power of creation and awaken the divine feminine, for in doing so, we find the path to our most magnificent, empowered selves. Be playful, dear soul, embrace the dance of inspiration, and watch as your world transforms into a masterpiece of your own making. Awakening The Age of Aquarius: Embracing Your Inner Creative Spirit

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