Although, I've been designing homes for over a decade. I will never get tired of witnessing the transformation my clients experience from a beautifully well designed home that reflects their internal transformation.


Your surroundings affect your energy by either bringing you joy or creating frustration. Your Sacred Space is only a reflection of what is happening internally, let's work together and bring you back to your magic.

Let me share my story


I was born in France, but came to the U.S. when I was 18 months old. So, don't ask me to speak to you in French, I can only get as far as bonjour. I might not be able to speak french, but my super powers are: I can intuitively feel and read other peoples energy, I'm a visionary, as well as empathic, and I'm highly creative. Which is why I am able to see what limiting beliefs show up for you when it comes to living your best life.  I am a second generation tarot reader, who loves tapping into my witchy skills that bring magic to everything I touch. Trusting in your intuitive powers makes life much more interesting. 


So if you are feeling  like a stranger in your home, or you don't really know what's keeping you from living a life on your terms, I'm here to guide you back to your inner magic.

You might be wondering how does designing homes and coaching others have anything in common? 

Well, after working with numerous of clients for over a decade, I came to realize that I was always coaching my clients on how to release control and trust in their vision.


Most people have resistance around believing in the unseen. Most people don't really trust that they know what they like or want. 

Most people look through pretty pictures, and kind of know what they like, but it's easier to play it safe by choosing what would be acceptable by their friends and family. If you've ever asked a a friend or family member over to your home, only to ask their opinion about what you've purchased, than you know exactly what I'm talking about.

What I found even more interesting is that most people's limiting beliefs were reflected in their homes. This is because your home is a "living vision board" and whatever is happening internally will be mirrored back externally. I find it rewarding to help women release the person they're hiding, their authentic -self.  Law of attraction is real, and you must find your self-worth in order to be able to manifest. Everything is energy so you attract what you put out, when your energy is aligned you become a magnet for what you want, but you must first know what that is. Most people live by default and only ask the Universe for what they want in time of need. 

I don't need to tell you that fear is a prominent emotion in our society, and it's what's keeping most people from living their best life.


There is magic in truly knowing who you are, what you like, and knowing what kind of life you want to create. When you know how you want to live in your home, you are ready for a Sacred Space, because every room smiles back at you and welcomes you home. Let me remind you it's never to late, I didn't find myself again until the age of fifty-three and at the age of fifty-six I am still discovering new things about myself. 

This is why I have made it my mission to help women transform their money, love and success by getting to know themselves through a spiritual connection, which is believing in the unseen. And spark the freedom to living their life on their terms by claiming their magic back. I remember sitting in a movie theater full of women watching "Eat, Pray, Love" as I peeked around, I could see and feel the energy of these women. Their expressions, were of a woman who was truly desiring and seeking more. I knew then that I was called upon to help guide them, it just took me awhile to know what that would look like.

My lifestyle has taught me the importance of creating a Sacred Space by surrounding myself with things that are soulful and have meaning, a home should always reflect the people who live in them.

For me, there is nothing better than a day of being surrounded by the people and things I love.

Most importantly I've learned none of that matters unless I am brave enough to be me.

If you love tarot, crystals, law of attraction and all things woo, or you're interested but don't know where to begin; welcome.


I am a modern day witch who brings love and light to everything. Are you ready for more magic?


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