I've been chosen to assist you with transforming

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My story


I was born in France, but came to the U.S. when I was 18 months old. So, don't ask me to speak to you in french, I can only get as far as bonjour. I might not be able to speak french, but as a highly sensitive, entrepreneur my superpowers are: visionary, empathic, innovative,compassionate, and highly intuitive. I have strengthened my psychic abilities over the years as a clairsentient (clear feeling), which is how I'm able to feel what limiting beliefs you're struggling with by reading your energy using Tarot. I am a second generation Tarot reader, who understands how difficult it can feel to get your gift out into the world without feeling completely drained. I was so tired of feeling burnout, not asking for what I needed, and saying "yes" to too many people.  My "people pleasing" habits were only taking me further away from my dreams. Until I went inwards and discovered more about me and the magic that has always been with me.


Because I found the magic of the moon phases, my spirit guides, and how to have healthy boundaries to shine my light, I've learned to create a business that allows more flow, space and connection to my essence. And that's why I am on this path to help highly sensitive, empathic, female entrepreneurs like yourself, share their gifts out into the world. 

It begins with discovering how to use your gift as an empath and why you have this very special gift. I know with all of the overly anxious energy you're experiencing, it might not feel like a gift. But I promise you there are so many magical tools you have access to, that you're not aware of, maybe you're, but you just haven't been able to figure out how you can benefit from them.

I will teach you everything I have learned, so that you don't have to waste anymore time trying to figure out how to get your business feeling more aligned with how you want to feel as an entrepreneur. There is so much information on the internet about how to create a business, but not much that caters to being an empath. We are told it's our "mindset", and although I agree with the importance of mindset, as a person who is highly sensitive, I know what it feels like to take on the energies and emotions of the world. We need more than just working on our minds.

Allow me to be your guide, I will show you how to harness all of that amazing energy and become your badass self.

Is  Stella  ready  to  get  her  magic  back?





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