Magic, manifesting, law of attraction, intention, the universal laws, conscious living; What does this all mean when it comes to your home and how you want to live?

If you've had a pulling on your heart to connect more to your life and take charge of what you want, to start co- creating with the Universe instead of living a life by default; then our meeting did not happen by chance.

I've been working with clients for over a decade coaching them through the process of letting go and trusting their intuitive vision, and to believe in the unseen.

What I have learned through my work is that designing a home isn't any different than designing your life. It takes courage to take action towards achieving the picture you hold from within. 

In Tarot there's a Magician card, the message is that you're the alchemist of your life. You have the gift of turning thoughts into gold just by using your imagination, and the will to manifest it into fruition.

Most people don't trust they have what it takes to live a life on their terms, because of the limiting beliefs that are programmed. These beliefs keep them feeling stuck.


Did you know that your home is your "living vision board" and no matter how many times you redecorate, if it doesn't support the internal growth you want to achieve, you'll always feel like a stranger living in it? 

We are all desiring more balance and harmony, but it begins with self-discovery and believing in the unseen.

I'm your guide to help you connect the internal, with the external.

Home should be a Sacred Space that nurtures the person who's been on a journey to find themselves again.


Let me show you how. 




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“Celia has worked her magic in my home, and I couldn't be any happier. Everything she recommends -- from color, fabrics, furniture, lighting fixtures and more -- is just what I like. She also has a talent for finding all the right accessories at an affordable price, from artwork and rugs to towels, frames and accents. I literally don't do anything in my house without Celia's advice."


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