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Unlock Your Inner Empowered Enchantress
A Transformational 1-Hour Clarity Session

Are you

a creative entrepreneur longing to value your unique talents and manifest the abundance you truly deserve? Have you found yourself putting everyone else's dreams before your own, always the rock for others but never quite embracing your own brilliance?

It's time to change that.

I understand your journey because I've walked that path too. As a fellow creative entrepreneur and a recovering "People Pleaser," I've navigated the challenges of undercharging and overdelivering, which can ultimately lead to burnout.
Together, we'll ignite your full potential.

Welcome to your personal 1-hour Clarity Session, a journey tailor-made for the Empowered Enchantress within you. Here, we'll cast aside the doubts, the overthinking, and the fear of judgment that have held you back. This is your sacred space to embrace your true potential, find your voice, and bring your imaginative visions to life.

What to Expect:

In this sacred journey, we'll explore the cosmic arts of natal chart reading, Tarot, journaling, and the profound wisdom of the law of attraction. Here's what we'll accomplish:

  • Harness the Power of Manifestation: Learn how to attract abundance and fulfillment into your life through manifestation.

  • Release Limiting Beliefs: Say goodbye to the beliefs that have held you back from achieving success and financial freedom.

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Discover how to create boundaries that empower you without the burden of guilt.

  • Stop Overgiving, Start Receiving: Shift from overgiving to receiving, ensuring your well-being while offering your gifts to the world.

  • Lunar Enchantment: Align with the moon's phases, harnessing their energy to supercharge your intentions and bring your dreams to life.

Why Choose This Clarity Session:

Because you matter. Your dreams, your creativity, and your potential matter. You've nurtured everyone else's dreams; now it's time to nurture your own. Our time together is a safe haven where your ideas are celebrated, and your path is illuminated.

Your Empowered Enchantress Awaits:

It's not just about you; it's about the world that's been waiting for your unique gifts. As the Empowered Enchantress, you possess the magic to touch lives, inspire change, and make your mark on this world.

No more waiting, no more second-guessing, and certainly no more hiding. It's time for you to straighten your crown and step into your role as the creator of enchanting realities.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Book your 1-hour Clarity Session now, and let's unleash the Empowered Enchantress within you.

Your dreams deserve to be seen. Your magic deserves to shine.

SHE'S MAGIC (9).png

"My session with Celia was on point. She is very intuitive and knows where to dig deeper, even if you unconsciously want to push her in another direction. I love that she is persistent and won’t stop until she clears that block and shifts what needs to be shifted. I was able to see something that even though was so obvious, I wasn’t seeing. This was a game changer for me and my business. If you have a chance to work with Celia, do it! You won’t regret it."



"I can't say enough about Celia's coaching methods. With her guidance, I was able to excavate several blocks that have been preventing me from reaching my goals. She is uncannily intuitive, and I had numerous epiphanies during our time together. She led me out of the fog. Celia also puts special emphasis on helping women develop rock-solid self-worth, a quality that society doesn't really encourage in us. I am so excited about the things I discovered by working with her."



"Celia was straightforward and so kind with her feedback. She was extremely easy to talk to and she gave so much support during our time together. It was wonderful to have some aha moments on a topic that I thought I already had clarity on. Thank you, Celia, for following your intuition and for showing up in this way. You truly have a gift and it’s beautiful to witness someone following their passion and speaking their truth."



"Since working with you, my life has changed. Actually since talking to you before we went live in my group has been that magical change for me.

Doing the tarot cards with you helped me see my potential again.

After that, I started working with you and my life has been changing little by little.

I'm starting to be more aware of my triggers.

" Because of you, now I know and say that triggers are a gift. Triggers are our biggest teachers...all we need to do is listen and be aware.

My relationship with my husband, my children, and my family has changed.

I'm listening more to my intuition and surrendering.

I mean talk about magic, in the month of August (after our Tarot) I've manifested money and new opportunities.

I also learned that there will be tests and thx to you, I'm able to recognize that, be aware of it and do something about it vs spiraling down one negative thought after the other.


Life is more magical when you work with Celia Sasser"

                DENISE LOUTFI


"Celia excels in compassion and deep empathy. Her coaching program is supportive and filled with wisdom. She is genuinely happy to see you succeed. She offers full service in empowering women."



Simply select the time that works for you and consider your time zone (I'm Eastern Time Zone). The session will be recorded, allowing you to revisit those "aha" moments. To make the most of this experience, have a pen and something to write in handy. This way, you can fully embrace the roadmap towards awakening your inner Empowered Enchantress.

Thank you for your trust in this journey, and I'm excited to embark on it with you.


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