Sacred Space Psychic Reading Assessment

Sacred Space Psychic Reading Assessment


Ever wonder why you are not receiving what you really want? What if I told you your physical space is a reflection of what is blocking you, would you believe me? It's True.

If you're interested in finding out what one room in your home is trying to tell you, then this psychic reading is for you. 

Here's how it works.

1. Submit photos of one room for a reading via email.

2. Within 24 hours receive your assessment.

*"Thank you so much Celia! I felt that you got right to the juicy part of what's holding me back/slowing me down in my life right now. I so appreciate your time. Will be getting a Tarot reading in the new year your beautiful!"   Colleen Talbot


*"Celia Sasser the assessment was spot on and I needed the reality check! Thank you !!"  Tatiana Walley-Gervais



*"I received my reading from Celia Sasser and it was absolutely spot on. I lagged a bit on sending my photo as i havent had time to clean the space. But Celia assured me that its okay and the authenticity of my space will give me a more accurate reading. So i did despite my virgo energy pleading otherwise  24 hours later i recived a message with my results and my heart dropped in such a good way. Her analysis was absolutely spot on! I just had a conversation ealier in the day with my husband where i explained i felt i was drowning in my responsibilities. Celia's reading hit every single aspect i was just talking about and more! I highly recommend her readings and plan on booking one in the future." Sophia Violet

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