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Will Day #18

Day #18 Can you believe it we are already on day 18? I hope you're receiving so much clarity on how to manifest your abundant life. Using these spiritual gifts is the only way to obtaining your desired outcome of your dreams. If you've missed any of the other lessons just click on the # hashtag that I've put in each lesson. Speaking of dreams, most of us have been programmed to believe that a dream is something you go after, something you chase, that it's outside of us. Your dream is inside of you, it's what you imagine, the picture you have in your mind. And we are to go backwards from that picture to live it. I know this sound confusing, because are paradigm tells us that you climb up the ladder. So our brain sends a mental picture of us working towards our dreams from our current results. This is when we tell ourselves, "I don't have." You fill in the blank, is it; time, money, energy, or support? This is backwards, and that is why most people never begin, they let their current results dictate what is possible. Your mind is too focused on the here and now and your concentration is too wrapped up in the "how." Instead you have to start with where you're mentally, start with the image in your mind, and then retrace your steps backwards to where you are now. Think how do I get here, not, how do I get there. Begin with the ending come from your dream, when you make this mental shift you automatically bring your focus of your "will" to where it should be, which is on the result. And the more you can concentrate on that result the faster your physical reality will align with the reality of your dream that already exist in your mind. Today's exercise I'd like you to ask yourself "am I clear on what I really want?" If you still don't have a clear image on what that looks like, take some time to look at images, people and words on Pinterest or magazines that you have resonance with. Don't question it just save it, print it and cut it out. Put those images on a board where you can see them. Tomorrow I'll be sharing more in the next lesson. #claimingmymagic Day #18

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