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Will Day #17

Day #17 In the beginning it's a battle not to lose focus and wander away from your goals, your continuing with old bad habits that you've developed over the years, but you have a magical spiritual gift and that is your will. Somehow we've bought into the idea that being discipline is some form of punishment. If you could think of discipline as an act of filling up your cup, would you remove the resistance? I'm sure you have a todo list of all the things. But what if you started with the one item on your list that you dread doing the most? Mastering the use of the will and discipline to put yourself first will get you closer to your desired goal. Today's exercise I'd like you to imagine that you're an open vessel that receives light when you keep a promise to yourself. As you use your will picture this vessel getting brighter and brighter. Now go to that todo list and concentrate on the completion of the item you least want to do. Use your will and discipline to complete it, all the while feeling the light getting brighter and brighter until you've finished the task. Now celebrate with the mental picture of fireworks shooting out of this glowing vessel. And feel the gratitude for remembering your dreams. #claimingmymagic Day #17

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