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Will Day #16

Day #16

Listen to this, if we don't learn how to concentrate and use our will, we become a plaything for outside forces.

That's scary to think that your thoughts and actions could be guided by something completely outside of your control, even outside your awareness. But that's exactly what happens when we don't develop the power of the will in an act of concentration on our goal.

Think about your own life, think about what you do when distracted from a task you're supposed to be focused on, you check your emails, you get sucked into someone else's demands and needs, you check your Facebook account and get sucked in for hours, or surfing the internet. It's easy to do, but you're using your precious gift of imagination to further someone else's dream with no benefit to you. By talking your eye off the ball of your own goal, you're becoming a plaything for outside forces. Your helping them achieve their goals, goals you don't value and maybe aren't even aware of at the expense of your own.

What you concentrate on you think about, and what you think about becomes. So be discipline and overcome your minds urge to avoid concentrating on the thoughts and actions that are going to help you realize your goal. Override the habit of creating a life of someone else's choosing and live your dream. using the incredible tool of your will.

Today spend a few minutes to answer these question:

Where in your life are you using concentration to sabotage yourself?

Are you focusing on what was or is, instead of focusing on your current goals and where you are going?

If you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your will alone could change your present circumstances, would you have the discipline to focus on the good?

#claimingmymagic Day #16

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