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Will Day #15

Day #15

Wow, we are moving along with these exercises to strengthen your spiritual gifts.

Did you now that your expectations is an aspect of the will? Expectations are different from wants are wishes they're what you anticipate happening in your life. And the interesting thing about expectation what you expect good or bad you tend to get.

Let's say you form a negative expectation in your mind like, I'll never get out of this debt, it's almost guaranteed that your results will reflect exactly that. And the same holds true in reverse, if you expect to have a productive day in all likelihood you will. But if you don't form a conscious specific expectations then your subconscious takes over and bases it's expectation solely on your past results. Which means those same results in one form or another are going to continue to show up for you.

So your going to want to really pay attention to your expectations. If you want to start seeing results that align with your goals and vision you have to start deliberately expecting them. And that means bringing your will to the process and actively concentrating on anticipating a positive outcome.

Today's exercise just before you go to bed set a clear definite, positive expectation for tomorrow and set a few solid minutes concentrating on it. Repeat it to yourself. write it down. And in the morning repeat it to yourself as you're getting ready and periodically throughout the day, you're going to notice very early on in the day that you're getting exactly what you expected.

That's the remarkable power of expectation, which is really another facet of your remarkable will.

#claimingmymagic Day #15

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