What is Meta - Physical?

What is metaphysics, and why is it more mainstream today?

Let's look at the meaning of the word meta: to be exceptionally self-aware, self-reflective, or self-referential. Now the word physical: relates to things perceived through the senses as opposed to the mind. Metaphysics is the study of "I am" who you are and why.

There is a lot of discussion around spirituality and awakening. What that really means is people are changing their perspective. They are aware that we are not just our physical bodies and that the answers reside within by connecting to our spirit.

When you awaken to the truth about who you are, you begin to question everything.

For centuries metaphysics has been deemed something evil or a form of witchcraft. But the truth is when you know who you are, you become self-reliant. You understand that you have everything you need and that you create what you desire.

Be aware of distractions that will move you away from the truth and focus on what you want to co-create with the Universe.

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