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Update: What's Happening to Celia Sasser

Updated: Feb 6

reinventing the new you
Design trends 2024

Can you believe we are well into February? As we move further into the new year, I again feel a pivot is to reveal the growth I have experienced in 2023. By now, I hope you're used to me sharing my new revelations through self-awareness. I have always taken you along for the ride of my self-growth journey. With that said, at the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I went down the path to learn everything I could about the metaphysical world. 

I discovered during my studies that I have an innate ability to read Tarot and Astrology Charts. A whole new world opened up for me. I understood my unique blueprint and how to connect with my spirit or higher self by exchanging energy with Tarot cards. But the most massive change I experienced was with journaling every morning. 

I discovered so much about myself, why I hold myself back, what is important to me, and the reinvention of myself. I realized that pivots are a way your spirit guides assist you in your growth journey. I understand now that everything you gravitate toward is an aspect of who you are, and you should not discard it just because you've chosen to go down a new path. 

As you know, I owned an interior design business before my spiritual awakening. I heard the voice that said: it's time. I did not know what that meant. But I followed my intuitive voice. Soon afterward, I had no clients in the pipeline during the busiest season. I would say it was a clear sign from the Universe that it was time for me to begin raising my level of awareness.

At the time, I thought the business of designing was over for me. My passion was gone. I no longer desired to work with clients. But as I said, what inspires you is an extension of your spirit.

I began remembering what led me to open an interior design business. I love storytelling with unique items for the home. I also discovered I have a deep concern for the environment and sustainability. And I remember the thrill I got hunting for unique vintage finds. All those feelings of my love for a creative adventure are rushing back to me. 

It hit me—while I may not enjoy one aspect of interior design, it doesn't mean I have to erase my love for the creative adventure of a treasure hunt from my life. So, I am excited to announce I'm not.

I have decided to combine everything I love and share it on my(click to subscribe) YouTube channel. I will cover topics on lifestyle, spirituality, and mindset.

I will record how-to videos on decorating your space with unique items, sharing my favorite plant-based recipes, astrological updates, journaling tips, and mindset hacks I've used by adopting the art of living intentionally. And possibly throw in a Tarot reading when guided by my guides.

I also decided to take out the guesswork when searching for that unique item by offering the treasures I find on my travels here on my website titled- Celia's Treasures. It brings me joy to do the things I love and share them with you!

By subscribing to my channel and hitting the bell notification, you can help me keep you updated when I release a new video. For now, I plan to release one video a week. Also, it would be helpful if you could leave a comment and a like. This simple act will help me reach other like-minded women to build a strong community we can all benefit from.

Also, pick up your free copy of Harnessing The Mystical Power of the Moon: A Guide to Lunar Magic. You will benefit by using the moon phases for a more intentional 2024. This will put you on my email list so I can keep you updated with everything happening at Celia Sasser.

I am ready for an exciting and intentional 2024, and I am beyond thrilled that you are a part of my community. Thank You!

Love You, Celia

P.S. 2024's Design Trend is not to follow any trends. Create a space that reflects you and the story you want to share with the people you love. 💋

Pluto in Aquarius 😉

the year of individualism.

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