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Live more intentionally in your home, what does that exactly mean?

In a busy world of instant gratification we don't take the time to create an environment that lifts and replenishes our soul.

To create a home that is intentional is to think about how everything you put in your home makes you feel. Don't just fill your home with stuff because it's on sale or because you're in a hurry.

It can be easy to be lead by lack if we were programed to believe in a scarcity mindset.

I myself have had to work on this mindset because I was raised by a single mother. There was always that feeling of shortage and never enough money to pay the bills. I was guilty of always trying find the cheapest price even if I didn't really like it. And I still have to remind myself if it's not a YES it's a NO!

The message you're sending to yourself is that you aren't worth it and you're not enough.

Now, I'm not saying to be careless with your money and buy what is not in your budget. But if you really find something you're in love with don't talk yourself out of it, even if you need to save to make the purchase. This will but you in a state of gratitude and change the energy of your space.

For example, lets say you found a chair you absolutely LOVE!

The fabric, comfort and style are exactly what you've been looking for. But the price tag, not so much. So you settle for a less expensive chair that works, but isn't anywhere close to what you really wanted. You try to convince yourself it was the right decision, but every time you sit in it there's negative energy around your purchase. You can't stop thinking about the first chair you really wanted, if only you would've just waited and saved for the chair you really love.

These bad purchases will have you wasting so much energy thinking about why you didn't treat yourself to the perfect piece. And in the end change the energy of your space.

I know this might seem so trivial to go on and on about a chair, but this kind of mindset will show up in other areas of your life.

Be mindful of how you want to feel in your home and create it!

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