Updated: Nov 6, 2018

What is a staycation?? Well, it's when you take advantage of beautiful areas near you.

I had a one night stay over with my girls at the awesome Costa d' Este Beach Resort, located in Vero Beach Fl. Which happens to be owned by Gloria Estefan.

Can I say it was not by chance I found this place. Months ago I was in dire need of an adventure, so I got in my car and headed north on the highway. Some how I found this resort and was able to get in for a facial appointment. I say some how because after speaking with the resort's bartender, He wondered how I found the resort without a GPS or not even being aware of the location! And I questioned that myself after returning with the address logged into my GPS. It is not an easy place to find on a whim, you can say I was definitely guided by a force.

The resort speaks to me with it's decor. As you have seen other post you probably guessed that I love ethnic prints, warm natural materials and monkeys. Yep I said monkeys. I know they have nothing to do with home decor, but they have a special place in my heart. And they mean something to Gloria Estefan, because they are at her resort. No, not real one's but statues over looking the ocean. This quaint area offers boutique shopping, restaurants and a local Green Market on the weekends. I hope you'll enjoy the photos of my staycation.

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