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Spiritual Gift #1 Imagination

Day #1 Of Strengthening your imagination

Today is the beginning of a series I have put together to help you strengthen the power of your Imagination. And how to use it to create what you want. Look out for a daily post with an exercise to get you in the habit of using your imagination correctly.

Most people believe the images in their mind are the response to the things that are happening around them. But it's not true.

Whatever you imagine is not from what is happening around you. It comes from the magic within.

Today pay attention to the images that inhabit your mind, then write them down in a journal. This exercise is not for you to judge these images, but to become aware of what you spend your day picturing in your mind. Practice this exercise all day.

Tomorrow examine these internal images and pay attention to how they connect to your external life.

This exercise is to have you become aware of how you are using your imagination to create your reality.

This is the power of your inner magic. You can't not create your world, it's the way the universe operates.

Wallace D. Wattles has said, "you can choose to create and live the life, you consciously want to live."

#claimingmymagic Day#1

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