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Scorpio Season The Time For Transformation

Welcome to your journey of metamorphoses. A walk along the path of the unknown, where the cosmos twinkle while echoing, “remember who you are” You are about to travel to live a life on purpose, designed to resemble your true nature; a star.

As a star, you agreed to embark on a voyage to earth to build a place you call home that gives you a sense of stability and security, where you can “be” because you feel protected from the elements. A place where you put down the veil that hides the real version of yourself, the person you wish you dared to expose to the world.

Are you ready to stop feeling like an imposture and an extra in your movie and be the Star? Then buckle up because you are holding a magical tool in your hand. Metamorphoses, How To Design Your Life With Purpose Vol.1, is a creation from my soul.

I created each volume from my perception of home, astrology, psychology, and spirituality.

My belief that your home is your living vision board that reflects how you feel internally led me to combine the study of interior design. The study of celestial bodies and their influence. The study of behavior affected by the human mind. And the study of the unseen from the energetic realm.

The cosmos gave you a blueprint to design your life the day you were born; the floor plan includes twelve carefully designed houses. The twelve houses have clues that mimic your true nature in the decor, and some of the houses have tenants, but all have an owner and distinct architecture. During the final draft and design of your natal chart, the architects, tenants, and owners signed a contract with the Universe to assist with your search for a home that feels perfectly aligned with your essence.

Through personal development in each house, you experience a transformation, allowing your wings to spread as you fly over the horizon, revealing your beauty to the world.

Volume 1 teaches you about the First House in your natal chart representing self-image and identity.

Limiting beliefs influence your self-image and program how you view your identity, but your blueprint from the stars holds your authentic code without influences from the external world.

If you feel lost and unsure about what you want, who you are, your style, or your self-expression, then the negative chatter of comparison is ringing in your ear. Limiting beliefs build a false perception of yourself because you measure yourself to unrealistic perfectionism from the media, and the trauma you have experienced influences how you feel about yourself.

Those limiting beliefs program your subconscious to believe your perception of yourself is true, causing a lack of self-confidence.

Because you are unaware of the programming, it repeats on autopilot.

This mini-course and workbook; is to awaken your self-awareness to choose your enchanted life.

Are you ready to go on a journey of metamorphosis?

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