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Reclaiming the Radiance of the Morning Star

In the celestial tapestry of heavenly bodies, one goddess reigns supreme – Ishtar, the embodiment of love and fertility, the radiant Morning Star known as Venus. But, dear souls, it's time to acknowledge the shadows that have dimmed the vibrancy of the divine feminine.

For too long, women have endured the weight of misogynistic rhetoric that has painted us as mere vessels for male pleasure, discarded like domestic cats after their curiosity wanes. Throughout history, the patriarchy, driven by fear and insecurity, stooped to extraordinary depths. They scorned the name of Venus, reducing its brilliance to Luciferian energy, shrouding it in darkness, and obscuring men's capacity for critical thinking.

During a time when syphilis weakened men, a fiery propaganda emerged. It branded women as witches, blaming them for all ills, real or imagined. The intent was clear - to dishonor women, to absolve men of infidelity and cruel behavior. It was a sinister ploy to deny the power of the feminine and keep it suppressed under lock and key.

In the 1800s, male physicians went so far as to attribute men's irrational behavior to the supposed wanderings of the uterus within a woman's body, coining the term "hysteria." This diagnosis further shackled women in a web of disempowerment, as they were reduced to mere vessels of chaos.

Why do I bring this to your attention, dear sisters? Because you have been under siege for centuries, your luminance intentionally dimmed for fear of men's uncontrollable desires, the very essence of being "guided under a spell." The male-dominated paradigm, threatened by the innate strength of the feminine, propagated the belief that women must be tamed and domesticated.

But look around my beloved sisters, and you shall see the symbols and signs that have been hiding in plain sight. The Morning Star, Venus, possesses the shape of a uterus - a sacred vessel of creation. The Venus symbol, a circle atop a cross, represents the divine feminine in all her glory. Even the word "hysteria" bears the imprint of its origins: "hystera," meaning uterus, and "star," as in "a star," a guiding light.

You have been deceived, my precious sisters, bamboozled into believing that your place is beneath the masculine, the so-called "stronger" sex. Yet, remember this: You are the harbinger of life, the creator of love, and the radiant Morning Star of Venus herself.

You are powerful beyond measure, but you must shed the layers of shame and guilt that have weighed you down. It is time to remember who you truly are - the bright morning star of Venus, illuminating the path toward a world where the divine feminine is not diminished but celebrated in all her resplendent glory. Awaken, dear sisters, for the time is now.

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