Need More Income? Want to get on the Airbnb Short term Rental Income Train?

Airbnb short term rentals open up a world of traveling

Have you been thinking about how you can earn more income? Or maybe how you can explore the world of traveling? The new way of lodging can make it happen for you. Airbnb offer properties all over the world and if you rent out your home while you're traveling it's a win win.

Don't get too excited just yet, you can't just put your place on any of the rental sites by adding a few pictures and think you're done.

If you want to make good money and be booked solid, you need to create an experience.

Your guest need to feel like they have entered a place that truly gets them.

You might be wondering how is that even possible. Everyone is so different how would you even begin to know what they like or how they want to feel.

Well, in Jupiter we are known for our crystal blue waters and the relaxing feel of the town. So if you're vacationing here this is exactly how you want to feel, relaxed. Think about where you live and what it's known for.

Next, you have to give them a sense of luxury. Let them know how you appreciate that they chose to stay at your short term rental.

You can do this by having quality linens, special apothecary bottles filled with soaps made from essential oils. Ask if there is a special food or drink they like. Leave them a guide giving them ideas of things to do and places to eat. It's the little things that go along way.

I would have to say this is my sweet spot. I love curating little moments in a space that create an experience that is hard to forget.

Vacations are meant to be memorable and bring joy. I hope this gets you excited to be apart of the revolution, freedom to travel on your terms.

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