My Intuitive Color Prediction

Color leaves a big impression on us because it connects us to something we our desiring in our lives. I am sensitive to color and so this is my reasoning for the prediction of the color Spellbound by Benjamin Moore showing up mainstream. My connection to this color is because I believe as a collective we are are desiring earthy, soulful and grounding spaces. Our world revolves around technology and the convenience of communicating virtually. But our souls are desiring connection. I have created this design so you can visualize what a room looks like that checks the boxes of what we want to experience. I also recommend not to leave out your sense of smell, essential oils are a clean way of creating the perfect scent. Here is the recipe Sandalwood, Warm Amber and Bergamot. And if you want to take it up a notch here is a playlist that will connect you even more. I would love if you could let me know if you can feel this space.

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