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Memory Day #25

Day #25

Here we are already on the last lesson about memory.

Although, we are moving on to the gift of "reason," don't just put this lesson of memory into you mental file and forget about it.

Most successful people understand that in order to release old habits they have to create a muscle memory until it forms a new habit.

You have to do the same with your memory, by using your memory in the way I've discussed in each lesson.

This will feel awkward at first until the mental muscle grows stronger by using your memory differently.

Today's exercise create a strong vivid mental image in your mind before you got to sleep living in your new life. Picture all of the details and feel yourself experiencing all of the elements in that moment. Let it become the lullaby that puts you to sleep. Continue this exercise until it becomes a habit of your nightly ritual. Add other elements to this ritual that makes it feel more sacred. Write out your vision in detail, light a candle with the essential oil of lavender. Or spray your pillow with lavender and slather lotion on your body as you play the movie in your mind. Drink water while saying an affirmation that reflects you living your new life in present tense.

honor your inner goddess by impressing memories that align with your divine feminine energy.

#claimingmymagic Day #25

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