Memory Day #24

Day #24 Memory is a wonderful gift to be able to see your future. We've discussed how important it is to raise your awareness about any negative memories that might be holding you back from being and achieving everything you want. We've also discussed positive memories of the experiences you want to have and are creating in your mind. It's so important because it makes your dream all the more real to your subconscious mind and moves it even closer to manifestation. What about the positive memories of experiences you already had? We have those memories in the past that we love to revisit, like an old love letter. But it's possible to get more out of those old good memories than a warm feeling. These memories reflect things to you for the right reasons; you cling to them because they resonate with the person you want to be and the life you want to create. They generate that vibrational harmony that happens when your external reality is in sync with your intuition, when that happens you know you're really on to something. Shift through your memories you might find that your favorite memories reflect a positive aspect of yourself that you really value. When you find what that is project that memory up onto your mental movie screen; watch it unfold, looking for all elements that connect to your present day dream. Do this with all your best memories. When you keep those memories on the forefront of your mind your reality will start to reflect them more and more. Todays exercise take 30 minutes to really examine those positive memories and define what about them do you cherish. Is it loving relationships, financial success, or personal achievement? Project that image onto your mental movie screen. #claimingmymagic Day #24


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