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Memory Day #22

Day #22

We are moving right along. I hope you're finding "The Memory Book" I shared with you in the files useful in learning new techniques to improve your memory.

What's really amazing about the gift of memory is it helps you tune into another persons vibration and really connect with them.

Restaurant owners know how important it is to greet their customers by their name; it immediately sends good energy and makes the person feel special.

Did you know that your memory could be that powerful?

Most successful people work on remembering names because they know that they will have returning customers.

When you make people feel special they will always remember you and how you made them feel.

It's a spiritual gift when used correctly, because memory exchanges energy. Memory has the ability to shape and transform your present and future results.

I find it hard sometimes to remember everybody's name that I meet; but by strengthen my memory with a powerful and easy way, it can become fun to remember.

Today's exercise, as you go through the day, I'd like to challenge you to remember as many peoples names that you come in contact with. Refer back to the chapter Names, inside of the Memory Book first, so you’ll know the steps to follow to be able to remember.

#claimingmymagic Day #22

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