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Memory Day #21

Day #21

Memory has a way of telling you what's important to you, but it's not always good for you.

Most people maintain and dwell on negative memories for all sorts of reasons; and that holds them back from pursuing a better life. Because whatever you focus on that's what you're creating for you and your life.

As you're continually bringing consciousness to a negative event; your external circumstances are going to reflect that in all sorts of ways.

I have a saying "same man different pair of pants." Have you ever broken up with someone, to only find yourself in a relationship with the same type of person? That's because you're focusing on your past relationship, and that is who you're are attracting back into your life. You're only fooled into believing he or she is different because they're wearing a different pair of pants.

Today's exercise is to become present and really pay attention to the thoughts that keep circling into your mind over and over again. What are those memories telling you about what has been important to you up until now?

Once you figure that out and your consciousness is on the alert; use your will to reject the thoughts that don't support the life you're creating. When they come up simply guide your awareness back to your goal.

Notice your memories and choose the ones that you want to be apart of your future.

Set aside 30 min. and create two lists in your journal.

On the first list, write down the things you've committed to memory that are important, in a positive way, to the person you want to become and the life you want to create.

On the second list, write down what things in your life have you committed to memory that do NOT reflect or support this future vision.

Make sure the memories you occupy in your mind holds the future that serves you.

#claimingmymagic Day #21

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