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Memory Day #20

Day #20

You have a perfect memory.

You might not think that when you think of how you've forgotten a password, someone's name, or where you've left your keys.

But it's true your spiritual gift of memory is perfect.

We've just been using it incorrectly by using force to strengthen our memory; beating it into our mind. But we see in pictures and we remember things when broken down to the ridiculous.

Our imagination has proven to us that we think in pictures and we focus on images that delights us.

Today's exercise I'd like you to read through "The Memory Book" that I have given you in the file section. There is a link to get a Free copy. This book will share some exercises on how to use your memory.

Just like anything we want to change in our lives; it begins with reprogramming our old conditioning.

#claimingmymagic Day #20

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