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Libra New Moon

The New Moon makes dreams happen. Today signifies the beginning of a new lunar cycle, with the possibility of change. She is playing in the energy of Libra, dancing to the ballads of love, harmony, and fairness. The house of relationships presents a mirror to find yourself through partnership.

Today marks the day that you commit to self-discovery. How do you teach others to love you by loving yourself? What role do you want to play as the main character in your story?

Stars travel through a portal that enters a place of curiosity, imagination, and beauty. Stars are born equipped with everything needed for survival, exploration, and experience.

Guess what? You are that star. You understood before you set out on your journey; there would be events, lessons, and challenges to overcome for growth. So when you returned to the galaxy, you could share your evolution.

As you write your story of love, pain, and all the other emotions that paint a life-well-lived, you learn to let go of the need to know the outcome.

The lesson is that strategy is the map to growth on your journey, but the moments of weathering storms and rolling in the nurturing valleys while soaking up the sun bring moments of joy. You found your true north and rejoiced in the journey. You surrounded yourself with people, places, and things, adding to your adventure of play.

Today is the day to get clear on the character you will play as the leading role in your story:

  • Are you the teacher of perseverance who will climb any mountain?

  • Are you the maker of material goods that help people feel at home?

  • Are you the communicator who shares two sides of human nature?

  • Are you the nurturer who wipes away the tears and holds a place for others to be seen, heard, and loved?

  • Are you the leader who inspires others to have the courage to express themselves creatively and freely?

  • Are you here to share beauty in harmony, fairness, and love for all?

  • Are you here to show others transformation is beautiful when you rise from the rubble?

  • Are you here to inspire others to seek answers through knowledge, perspective, and adventure?

  • Are you the leader of a structure that creates order and stability?

  • Are you the motivator of innovation and the will to be wild unapologetically?

  • Are you the dreamer who permits others to do the same?

On September 25, 2022, pledge to plant the seeds that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and growth to remember who you are; a STAR.

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