Intuition Day#9

Day #9

Most people are natural born skeptics, they want proof. "Show me the numbers, and the results first." And there are all kinds of circumstances that warrant that type of skepticism, but when it comes to our intuition it requires us to let go of it.

You have to suspend your need to know, because your intuition will not attach spreadsheets and testimonials to the guidance that is being shared.

You have to trust your guide and have complete faith that you're being taken to where you need to go and wait for the proof to reveal itself along the way.

In this exercise listen to the hunches and coincidences and trust that your guides are working in your best interest and learn that you really can trust it.

Your intuition is a tremendous gift learn to rely on it always, this is your inner magic, your inner knowing, it will enhance your life in so many ways.

Keep meditating and write down in your journal the guidance you receive, then take the needed action.

#claimingmymagic Day #9

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