Intuition Day#8


Open up your consciousness to receiving the guidance from your intuition.

Once you tune in, your results will make leaps and bounds towards where you want to be.

The best way to hear the messages loud and clear is through meditation. This doesn't have to be made into a difficult task.

You don't need any special gadgets to be able to sit with yourself other than the will to want to.

Practice meditating for 5 to 10 min a day until you get comfortable with doing it. It's difficult to shut everything off in your mind long enough to receive the messages. But I promise you, when you become intentional with this exercise you will receive your biggest ideas and your greatest aha's.

The more you practice the more that porthole will begin to open wider, so don't give up. This is the inner work needed to claim back your inner magic.

#claimingmymagic Day #8

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