Intuition Day #7

Day #7

Intuition is how we have a conversation with higher intelligence. You've been working on using your imagination to create the picture in your mind with what you would love.

Your intuition speaks to you with guidance on how to receive it.

Intuition is spirit, it's the non-physical part of who we are, it's our magic.

What keeps us from utilizing our intuition is our logic mind, we want to see proof first. But you won't see proof until you take the action.

Most people connect with their inner voice when they are met with some kind of tragedy. The moment you are down on your knees begging for the answer, at that moment you hear the guidance, you're open because you feel desperate.

But you don't have to wait until tragedy hits, if only you would just listen and take action in your daily life.

Most people don't hear the guidance because their mind is so full of doubt and worry, they can only focus on the fear.

The solution is always here, you just have to ask and take the positive action even if you don't understand.

It could be as simple as making a call to a friend that pops in your mind. Or driving to a place when you have no idea where you are going. You have to trust that it's for your highest good.

In this exercise I'd like you to picture your dream life, envision yourself looking through your eyes as you are living it. get emotionally involved with the feeling and then ask spirit for your next step.

Become still enough to listen and then take the action, don't let your conscious mind disrupt the guidance by saying "it won't work." Remember your intuition feels soft and nurturing and your ego is abrupt and harsh it's attached to your limiting beliefs.

Practice this exercise daily until it becomes a habit.

We are connected to infinite intelligence the answers are their you just have to become open to receiving them.

#claimingmymagic Day #7

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