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Intuition Day #10

Day #10

Your Intuition knows if you're being true to yourself.

Are you wondering if you've chosen the right path or how to decide what you want?

Most people have so many ideas that they're unsure on how to choose the right one. Their fear of choosing the wrong one keeps them stuck in limbo.

How you get out of limbo is by knowing if you're really "in love" with the idea.

Go back to a time when you fell in love, remember how you did whatever it took to see that person no matter how tired you were. Or how you thought about that person all the time. You could be working or having a conversation and that person just pops into your mind. Your energy would be so high when you thought of them and you'd get so excited for the next time you would be with them.

Well, that's exactly how you'll feel when you're on the right path towards your passion and purpose for your life.

For instance, maybe you consider yourself multi-passionate and you want to have more than one business, but when you sit down to focus on your idea for one of those businesses, you'll find your mind drifting towards the other idea, that's your intuition guiding you towards what you love more.

The right goal stimulates you emotionally as well as intellectually. And that emotional involvement is so important when it come to developing your intuition. Your intuition knows what it is that you love, that's what it is always trying to guide you towards.

When your conscious mind is also aware of what you love, those intuitive messages will become even louder and clearer, they make so much more sense.

In this exercise pay attention to what begins to consume your thoughts when you're thinking of your ideas and right them down.

You'll become more aware of what you really love.

#claimingmymagic Day #10

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