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Inner Goddess Day #19

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Celia Sasser Admin · May 18 ·

Day #19 How is everyone doing with each lesson? It's been pretty quiet in the comments? Either you're indulging in every piece of content and being quiet about your aha's, or your day is full and you're telling yourself I'll check it when I have time. I just want to remind you that whatever you are working on is not more important than learning these 6 magical gifts. These gifts are what makes you the powerful Goddess that you are. But in order for you step into your magic it's important that you know how to use these gifts. That's if you're serious about living an abundant life? You're a God's highest form of creation and until you step into that energy you won't believe the magic you hold within. So far I have covered the: Imagination, Intuition and now we are finishing up with the Will. This week I'll be discussing Memory another one of our spiritual gifts. Get ready to learn how to use the power of Memory. Todays Exercise is to find your inner Goddess. Stand back and look at the board you’ve created with all that you desire, really soak it in. Find a quiet space, light a candle, and listen to the meditation I shared a couple of days ago. Here's the link and imagine your new life, feel how powerful you really are. You are MAGIC. You are as strong as the water that falls, you are one with nature. #claimingmymagic Day #19

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