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Imagination Day #4

Day #4

This image gave me all the feels and reminded me of who I am and the reason why I've created "She's Magic."

Which is to help guide you back home by reminding you to remember how powerful and magical you are.

The series of posts that I began on 4/30 are to remind you that everything begins with your imagination.

I hope that you have been doing the exercises so far, and today I have another one to share.

As you have become clear on "what you would love" it's time to take it a step further.

Begin this exercise by writing your goal in present tense by beginning with "I am so happy and grateful now that...." and include a realistic deadline. But not so far out there that you don't feel a little pressure.

This is the beginning of you living your life differently because of the gift of this reset we are all experiencing.

Let your imagination fill your mind up with the magical movie of your life.🧞‍♀️

#claimingmymagic Day #4

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