Imagination Day #3

Day #3

As a kid where you always told to color inside of the lines?

Well, if you're like most of us you had a kindergarten teacher who thought it was their job to teach us how to perfect our coloring skills.

I know that in order to get better at anything it takes practice. But I also know that teachers were unknowingly instilling a programming of not being creative enough in our subconscious minds.

We all have our own medium into which we create and maybe coloring in the lines just wasn't our thing.

It didn't help when the teacher would show an example of another students work, which left the impression that they had something we didn't have, that our art was inferior.

Ugh...comparison, such a thief.

I only share this example because you might not be aware that just this little blip in your life might of discouraged you from using your imagination to create the life you want.

If you've ever said " I'm not creative." then you have fallen into this limiting belief. We are all creative beings, this is how we utilize our imagination to picture what we want for our lives.

Did you know that our imagination creates in two ways?

Synthetic - Create an idea, image, or product from something that has already been created.

Creative - Creating something that is completely new to our awareness.

Today begin thinking of ways you can use the synthetic way of using your imagination. The more you practice using your imagination synthetically, the stronger your creative imagination will become.

We are here to co-create with the Universe. You're responsible for creating a life that has a high vibration. The lower vibration of lack and scarcity is not separate from us as a whole, but when we shift out of it by using our imagination to create what we love, we can then create a ripple effect.

#claimimgmymagic Day #3

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