How to keep positive energy flowing during the holidays !

Stay Magical

November the 5 is that right?! We are well into the first week of November!! Okay before you get yourself stressed out, take a deep breath. I have a great tip to share with you on how to stay organized and calm through this busy time of year.

First of all we are living in the best times ever! Technology has made life so much easier to stay organized. If you plan everything intentionally, this holiday season can be a breeze. As a mom of five I use to wing it, there was always last minute shopping. And a lot of mad rushes to the grocery store because I forgot an ingredient. But just like in my business I have learned in my family life to work smarter not harder. In my business I use an app called Trello it's used as a business tool, but it is so helpful with keeping you on track with your holiday todo lists. You just create a todo list board in the app and you're able to move what is in the middle of be worked on to another board. Then when each item is completed move it to the last board. This keeps you on track and helps you to not forget anything or make the mistake of doing it twice. What's really great about this App is you can invite family members onto your workflow to help you complete the todo list. I love delegating whenever possible. So get list happy and have your family set up as well. If you're like me and have multiple drivers this is great! Stay magical this holiday season and keep the positive energy flowing. Because this year you're on top of it and nothing will be falling through the cracks on your watch. If you get a little confused setting up your free Trello account here is a video tutorial click

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