How Do You want to Feel?

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Ask this question. How do you want to feel in your space, before you even get started on decorating. This is a good jumping off point when it comes to designing your space.

This project is for a couple that are desiring a master bedroom that feels mystical, nurturing, sexy and soulful.

I have put together a mood board that exudes the way they want to feel. The photos move them and they're beginning to envision their space.

I'm ready to create this mystical, sexy, nurturing and soulful master bedroom for them. This is the color palette that will capture the mood.

Color Palette

And once I have captured the mood with color it's all about the perfect pieces in the space.

The Perfect Pieces

Adding a darker color on the wall will give the room that soulful feeling they desire and all of these pieces have a nurturing feeling down to the bed with it's linen fabric and the detail of leather straps.

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