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Helen Of Troy

Helen of Troy was a figure in Greek mythology said to have been the most beautiful woman in the world. A woman who could start a war because of men's lust for her.

I was unclear why my guides whispered her name in my dreams as they showed me a star brightly shining in my womb. Remember who you are; repeatedly danced around in my dream, as if my guides were affirming my inner goddess to awaken from a deep slumber.

As I awoke I could not shake the vision of my dream and the message it was delivering. So I did what any curious person would do; I Googled for the answers.

Although Helen was a mythical character, she represents seduction and the weakness of men.

She also represents the fear of the patriarch and how centuries of seduction have led to the oppression of women.

Let me begin with the uterus, in my dream, my guides showed me a four-point star vividly glowing brightly in my womb.

The four-point star is referred to as the Morning Star; Connection to Mother Nature. – Given that the four-pointed star also resembles the cross, it refers to the unity of opposites and balance. In this regard, the Morning Star represents the perfect link between the spiritual and the material world and stands for harmony, goodness, and peace.

My guides were sending a message loud and clear to all of the women globally; to remember their magic. Our superpower is that we are the conduit to deliver Starseeds through the vortex of our womb; a direct channel to source energy. We have forgotten who we are because of the patriarch's fear and their war against women to undermine our strength.

*Starseed- Starseed Is a person who is spiritually aware, and has a strong connection to the divine creator. Starseeds are said to be old souls sent back to earth to transform the world into the heaven on earth predicted after the end of times. Such persons may display spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. Being able to read minds, others' emotions, or see future events. Urban Dictionary*

My further investigation led me to the Greek meaning of Aster which literally means star and the word Hystera which means uterus. Hmmm, is this just a play on words?

Down the rabbit hole, I go.

Apparently in Greek mythology, the Goddess Astraea cried because there were not enough stars in the sky. Her tears fell to the earth and turned into star-shaped flowers called Asters. ( When a woman has sex for the first time it is referred to as being deflowered.) Astraea lived with humans during the "Golden Age" a time of peace, prosperity, and happiness from 70 BC to AD 18.

*The name hysteria is derived from the Greek word hystera which means uterus. In the earliest known treatise dealing with the complaint—Kahun papyrus dating from about 1900 BC—it is attributed to starvation or displacement of the uterus. This theory is repeated by Hippocrates, Plato, Celsus, Arataeus, and Soranus. Galen of Pergamon (AD 129-99) denied the ability of the uterus to move about but agreed that the common factor in most cases was some uterine affection. But he recognized hysteria also in men which he attributed to sexual abstinence, hence to the retention of sperm. Hysterical passion, he said, is just a name but varied and innumerable are the forms which it encompasses. This sexual theory held on through Augustine and throughout the Dark Ages until the 13th century when it began to be replaced by the theory of demoniacal possession leading to treatment by exorcism and finally to torture and murder of the victims as witches.*

Which led to the rise of the Christian patriarchal system and the oppression of the Goddess within each woman. My guides wanted me to share this message with you so that you will remember who you are; A goddess who is born with the morning star a uterus. We are a conduit to give birth to Starseeds from a place of love. We are not here for the animalistic perversions of men who wish to keep us as domesticated animals who live in fear of sin. We are not here for their egotistic mindset of power and hierarchy. We rule our bodies and we decide who is noble enough to share the creative gift of life. Anyone who demands and takes from our Morning Star will have the wrath of Divine source energy to contend with. Remember who you are; awaken my queens.

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