Happy New Moon In Aries

Updated: Apr 25

Today is the day to get clear on what you desire to attract into your life. Aries is a fire sign so expect to feel inspired to solve problems naturally. Remember to take your time; there is no need to rush. Continue to proceed at a comfortable pace. Manifestations happen when you have a clear plan and vision for your future. The easiest way to manifest is to focus on your self-growth journey and the person you are becoming. The biggest thing that blocks your manifestation from coming to fruition is the doubt of the deservingness of your future self. You must work on the limiting beliefs of unworthiness and become your most authentic self. Inside Manifesting Moon Magic, I give you the tools and outline to become proactive in your growth and purpose journey. In 90-days, you will feel more aligned spiritually as your confidence rises from committing to your dreams.

Here are the beautiful covers I created this quarter; these books make perfect coffee table books and fit in with your decor.

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