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Finding Your Magic with Goddess Ishtar

How do you know when a goddess is trying to reach out to you, I can only share my experience and how I came to be guided by the Goddess Ishtar.

On my spiritual awakening journey, I began to see things from a new perspective, which changed how I viewed life happening to me vs for me.

The one thing I know to be true is Goddess Ishtar will use an area of your life in which you are most focused as a challenge. I was blinded by the program that once I married my life was no longer my own. The perpetual indoctrination that women should play the game of passivity. It was until a trigger rang so loud that I could no longer ignore the piercing ringing in my ear. You know what I am talking about if you have ever pointed the finger at someone else for your suffering.

Goddess Ishtar was very clever with how she was able to capture my attention. She first came in a whisper, "It's time" were the words I heard loud and clear. I had no idea what it was time for, but after many years I now understand she was guiding me towards my healing. The healing of the need to please, to look outside of myself for validation, and the waiting to be saved.

I had always thought of myself as a strong woman when it came to getting things done, but unknowingly I was wearing a label that read "damsel in distress" the very label I despised seeing in other women.

The programming was so deep that I thought I was behaving as every woman does once married. And yes, I am aware that many women do not resonate with passivity in a relationship, I thought I was one of those women. There were a series of tests that showed up in my life trying to reveal this belief, but I was clueless.

I spent years growing a business that left me burnt out from people-pleasing, undercharging, over-delivering, and blaming others for overstepping my boundaries. I can laugh now, at the thought of, "What boundaries?" but when I was in the thick of learning the lesson it didn't feel very funny.

This brings me to my first lesson: #1 Healthy Boundaries; ✅ . Oh and can I tell you when I awakened to the fact that "I" didn't have healthy boundaries it felt like a slap in the face; shocking. Here I stood with my tail between my legs in the realization that I had been the perpetrator the whole time.

The next time Goddess Ishtar visited was during meditation, arriving as an orange flame eluding to the opening of my sacral chakra. If you are new to chakras, the sacral represents your passion and is found where you give birth and where you birth the authentic expression of yourself. Goddess Ishtar knew my passion was dying to let loose.

As a woman who operated and owned an interior design business, it sounds crazy that my expression was locked up in a box. I used to chalk it up to working with clients and giving them what they wanted was business as usual. The reality is I was supposed to push them out of their comfort zone and give them something they couldn’t have imagined. Instead, I was left with a portfolio of work that barely tapped into the amount of creativity that my imagination wanted to birth. Although my business was thriving, it left me feeling closed off from my fullest expression. The discontent finally won. I closed my business ready to go on a fool's journey leaving behind many years of building something that drained me.

Did I mention how clever Goddess Ishtar is?

Well, she is very clever. While closing the doors to one business, I decided I would open a new one that would provide a coaching service for women to find their magic! Lol 😂 I was still clueless that I would be my first client. Through all of my research and pivotal moments, I began the journey of self-discovery.

I am proud to say that recently Goddess Ishtar announced that I have finally graduated! Overwhelmed with emotion I can say that all of the setbacks and dark nights of the soul; were well worth it.

I have left out a lot of the details about how I arrived at where I am today, but if I told you the whole story this blog post would turn into a novel.

I will leave you with some information about who the Goddess Ishtar is and what she represents in case you are curious and if you have any questions on working with a goddess leave them in the comments.

Until then Goddess Freya has made herself present as I move on to the next level in my game.

The Magnificent Goddess Ishtar: Queen of Heaven and Earth

In the vast tapestry of ancient mythology, few deities shine as brightly as Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love, fertility, and war. Known by different names in various cultures, including Inanna in Sumerian mythology, Astarte in Phoenician mythology, and Aphrodite in Greek mythology, Ishtar's influence transcends time and borders. Join us as we unravel the captivating tale of this multifaceted goddess and explore the depths of her significance in the ancient world.

Ishtar's roots can be traced back to the ancient Mesopotamian city of Uruk, where she was worshipped as the goddess Inanna. As one of the most revered deities in the Sumerian pantheon, Inanna was associated with love, beauty, fertility, and war. Over time, her worship spread across the region, evolving into the multi-faceted goddess known as Ishtar.

Ishtar is often depicted with symbolic elements that reflect her diverse domains. The eight-pointed star and the rosette are associated with her role as the goddess of love and fertility, while the lion represents her prowess in war. The sacred marriage, a ritual reenactment of the union between Ishtar and the shepherd-god Dumuzid, was a central aspect of her worship, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth.

One of the most renowned myths involving Ishtar is the "Descent of Inanna" or "Ishtar's Descent to the Underworld." In this epic tale, Ishtar journeys into the realm of the dead, facing numerous trials and challenges. The story explores themes of death, resurrection, and the power dynamics between the divine and the underworld, underscoring Ishtar's dual nature as both a life-bringer and a force to be reckoned with in the afterlife.

Ishtar's influence extended beyond the borders of Mesopotamia, with her worship reaching neighboring cultures. In Phoenician mythology, she was revered as Astarte, and in the Greco-Roman tradition, she was equated with Aphrodite and Venus. Ishtar's enduring presence in various pantheons underscores the universality of the themes she embodies—love, fertility, and the cycles of life and death.

Although the worship of Ishtar waned with the rise of monotheistic religions, echoes of her legacy can be found in later mythologies and cultural practices. The archetype of the powerful, multi-faceted goddess, balancing love and war, persisted through the ages, leaving an indelible mark on human understanding of divine femininity.

Ishtar, with her rich tapestry of myths and multifaceted nature, remains an enduring symbol of the complexities of life and the divine. From the golden temples of ancient Mesopotamia to the echoes of her legacy in later mythologies, Ishtar continues to captivate the imagination, reminding us of the eternal dance between life and death, love and war, that defines the human experience.

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