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February First New Edition of Enchanted

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

ARE YOU STILL SUBSCRIBING TO THE OLD MODEL OF GETTING A MAN? Here are some old quizzes and articles I found from Cosmopolitan magazine: . Are You A Good Lover?-This Quiz Will Tell-Feb. 1970 . How To Get Married If You're Over 30-May 1970 . Sure Way To Keep Him If He Wants To Dump You-Jan 1970 . 72 Ways To Jolt A Man To Loving You Again-Dec 1970 . Why (Sob) Didn't He Call And How (Aha!) To Make Him-Oct 1970 . How Sexy Do You Seem To Men? A Revealing Quiz-Sept 1971 . How Good A Lover Are You? (Quiz)-Feb 1972 . Are You Threatening To Men? (Quiz)-July 1972 . HONESTLY, I WAS CRACKING UP READING THESE. WOW, THE BRAINWASHING THAT WOMEN'S PURPOSE IS TO BE THE OBJECT OF DESIRE FOR MEN. WHAT ABOUT WOMEN HAVING SELF-FULFILLMENT, LOVING THEMSELVES, AND BEING SELECTIVE ABOUT A PARTNER WHO IS WORTHY OF THEM? Unfortunately, there are women who still try to change the external to attract a man. But the truth is what we know about physics and science we should be playing a different game. Magnetism happens from within, it is not external. Your aura is what attracts a partner. Enchanted magazine is the new version of Cosmopolitan, it enriches your life with articles that guide you to living life on your terms. Learn how to use energy to serve you to get what you want. February's edition will be published on the first, which is a New Moon. So if you're interested in doing things differently don't forget to sign up for your FREE digital copy

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