Favorite White Paint

If you've been taking in all the beautiful home decor photos on Instagram, you might of recognize that there is a color trend happening or should I say lack of. White seems to be going strong. My opinion is that we are craving more simplicity and light. White has a way of opening up a space it also gives a room a fresh feeling, But don't be fooled into thinking white is white. There are so many different shades of white. What makes them different? It's the hue, tone, tint and shade. What does that even mean? Well, each white has a subtle color which is the hue. The tint is the amount of white and the tone is the amount of gray. Then there is shade which is the black that is added. This is why there are so many variations of white paints. Just take a look of all these examples from Benjamin Moore. These happen to be my favorite white paints.

White paint colors are not the same.

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