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Updated: May 17, 2023

Happy Full Moon!

We are in the magnetotail (the broad elongated extension of a planet's magnetosphere on the side away from the sun) for the next three days, so don't let the energies of Leo go to waste.

I like to use Tarot to keep me accountable for using my time wisely; the magic of Leo has wands written all over this theme.

The Fool, The Magician, and the Empress; what story are they telling?

Tarot cards are the narrator of how you feel and what blocks you from being the best version of yourself.

The Fool's enticing risk-taking without baggage, The Magician reminds us we have everything we need to bring our vision into the physical, and The Empress exudes graceful growth through nurture and love.

But what do wands have to do with anything?

Well, wands represent inspired action, the kind of motivation that feels magical because we are in the flow.

Here's the truth, to stay in the flow, you need to know what's blocking you first.

The Full Moon energy activates what hides in our subconscious mind. The hidden memories and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.

How those beliefs take up residence; is they have an emotion attached to the experience. So every Full Moon has a theme according to the zodiac sign placement. The Full Moon shines a light on our beliefs that create a pattern of behaviors that do not serve us. The theme for this Full Moon is to have the courage to boldly express yourself and your creativity with courage and strength by following your passions.

How Tarot can assist with this shift is through creating the story of your inner thoughts. You will know the cards have delivered the message you need to hear; intuitively. The resonating feeling confirms what you see and read from the cards.

Today I did a seven-day spread for guidance on what I need to release to become the highest version of myself, and the first card out of the deck was the message to believe in the impossible.

"Isn't that the truth?" Yes, even I need encouragement.

The next card was the eight of cups, "walk away."

I have done so much inner work and released old beliefs, but apparently, I have feelings of deceit and unworthiness from childhood.

I resonate for my Leo Sun has not fully blossomed; it doesn't help that I have Chiron in the first house of my natal chart!

(This placement means; I have the asteroid representing the wounded warrior in the house of self-image.) Yay me.

I guess it's good that I know my challenges to overcome them.

The Leo Full Moon wants me to be bold and stop filtering myself.

Are you ready for an unedited version of me? LOL

Oh no, I just thought; "am I supposed to walk away from my new business?" No, that can't be it, or can it?

After all, I am a fixed sign. LOL

You tell me, am I wasting my time, or are you finding my philosophy on life enjoyable and inspiring?

Is there something more I should be doing?

I mean I have a lot of projects and books I am working on to help you understand self-development through the twelve houses in your natal chart, but maybe you aren't interested.

I really could use your feedback.

Leave me a comment.

What would be helpful for your self-discovery journey?

Am I on track, or am I way off course?

I know what my Tarot reading said, but at the end of the day, everything I create is for you. Your feedback is valuable.

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