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The Green Witch

I am so excited for Fall to be upon us! It's a time to nurture your soul and give back to your authentic self. I talk about this in my book "I'm Not a Furniture Salesman" it's so important to give back to yourself to add more flow into your life. There isn't a more perfect time than now! I like to refer to myself as the Green Witch because I like to experiment with herbs and foods that add to your health. Having herbal sources at the click of a button, makes it so easy for us to create natural home remedies that are good for us. Imagine all the beautiful scents you can add to a collection of apothecaries by creating creams, candles and scrubs. I love essential oils like, Bergamot to help alleviate stress and Frankincense which helps with boosting immunity. The smell is so euphoric and grounding. This time of year brings out the Green Witch in me, I would love to share some of my potions with you over in my private FB group Creative Tribe join us for inspiration, connection and creative lessons to give back to yourself.

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