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Color is Energy

Our connection to color.

How does color effect you? Have you caught yourself saying I love ___________ it makes me feel so ______________ fill in the blanks with the color and how it makes you feel. This is because we are emotionally connected to color. I was watching a design show that was filmed in Asia and the cast were amateur designers. Their first assignment was to create a romantic bedroom. There were 10 teams 2 people in each, 8 teams out of the 10 chose purple all different shades of purple. It was interesting to see that in this country they associated purple with romance. Purple is the color of royalty and importance. One of the teams decided on a color scheme that was nowhere near romantic, a bright orange on all the walls except one and this wall was painted bright yellow. The judge asked why would you choose such an angry color for a romantic bedroom and their response was it's not angry it's hot and passionate. Everyone interprets color differently, but it's because they want to feel a certain way.

The majority felt purple is romantic because of the way it makes you feel like royalty. and the orange room is an energy color it might be warm by their interpretation, but it is not romantic. This color scheme is to energize you, not for rest. Needless to say they were the first team to be given the ax. Lesson her is to not take color so literal try to use your intuition on how it makes you feel.

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