Christmas Magic

Updated: Apr 25

Where has the magic gone? If you feel the disconnect like many, it may be time to reevaluate the meaning of the holiday season.

I will begin with the tree as it symbolizes growth. The years of nurturing given to a single tree through sunlight, rain, and the shedding of leaves allow a more abundant tree to have roots planted firmly in the ground. Pine trees are unique in their scent and are known for having an effect of clarity, uplifting, and energized feelings through aromatherapy. The tree itself holds the magic.

Now let us discuss the month of December. December is the Latin word meaning ten because originally, it was the tenth month of the year. March was the beginning of the calendar year in 750 BC. When January and February were added, December became the twelfth month on the calendar. The spiritual meaning of December is Divine connection, unity and trust, and success in all areas of your life, including challenges and commitments.

The number ten represents the completion of the ending of a cycle. It is associated with leadership, independence, confidence, and determination. The number ten is also a reminder that your true nature is both spiritual and physical. Also, the number ten stands for victory.

Decorating a pine tree is a reminder of the abundant year and celebrating the fruits of your labor. As the winter months approach, you shall rest from your hard work from the months before. The magic happens when you connect with nature, and by honoring your will, you have manifested your vision.

December is a time to celebrate by giving because you are grateful for all you have received. The gift of giving lifts your spirit, bringing you more joy.

The magic dies within if you have nothing from within to give. The disconnect you feel is because you have not honored yourself and the magical being you are created to be. Christ comes from the Greek word meaning anointed one, the chosen one. You are chosen to bring your magic into the world.

The magic of Christmas happens by celebrating that you have listened to the inner calling, the one that is inspiring to live an abundant life. You are celebrating your challenges and commitment to your growth. We live in a world where the currency is the physical form of measuring our achievements, and if the money is unavailable, we feel devalued. But the truth is your growth is what makes you feel abundant. And money makes us feel good because we have achieved something more significant than we thought possible. Sure, if we won the lottery, we would feel good, but it would be fleeting once we bought everything we wanted. I am trying to say; that true wealth happens from overcoming challenges. And if you have not pushed yourself to stretch, there will be a feeling of disconnect.

The only way to add magic back into Christmas is to create healthy boundaries throughout the year. The limits to give you time to invest in yourself and how you want to feel. Manifesting Moon Magic planner/journal assists with being intentional in the five areas of your life; mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial health.

Magic happens when you take a vision and bring it into form. I recommend that you create during this holiday season. Making gifts brings us more joy and the people we give them to. You are using your gift of manifestation and completing a cycle of giving and receiving.

I have a lot to celebrate this year as I have taken my vision for She's Magic to another level by writing a book that explains the game to live an enchanted life. Let 2022 be the year that you bring your magic back into Christmas.

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