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The bohemian lifestyle is an eclectic way of living life. Nothing feels too precious, but items speak to your soul. I love giving new life to forgotten items that might have been left in the landfill. Your home is a living vision board, a place that reflects back to you how you want to feel and what you want to attract into your life. I value freedom of expression, so my home needs to reflect that in order to feel free. If I were stuck on trends I would become a slave to my home. My esthetic is not for everyone, but if you don't like a fussy home and love one that looks as if it has evolved over time; you are in the right place.

As Pluto goes retrograde on the 29th we will be reminded of the projects or deep desires that fell to the waist side because of some tragic event you experienced like the pandemic. Today I felt inspired to revisit my old passion. I owned an interior design business for many years, but before the pandemic, I was feeling disenchanted with my business. I do not align with a disposable mindset when purchasing items for the home. I also don't like to follow trends that become outdated leaving more waste. Ethical buying has always been a part of my nature, but when you are working on projects for other people their demands take president.

I dreamt of creative freedom, where I could just dip into my imagination and paint the details imprinted in my mind onto a living canvas. Everything I create needs to have a soulful meaning behind it, that inspires me to live more freely. Pluto's energy is bringing back those old desires. So today I am inspired to follow that dream.

I would love She's Magic to become a lifestyle brand. Not only will I be sharing lessons on manifesting and the moon, but I also will be sharing tips and resources that fit in with the five pillars that are in the "Manifesting Moon Magic" planner. Those pillars are physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial health. So if you feel like a nomad who is tired of following what everyone else is doing; I am excited to take you on a bohemian journey. Leave me a comment if you resonate and are ready to travel along with me and explore.

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