Best Vacation Home

Relaxing on a white sandy beach while watching the crystal blue water flow in and out.

A light breeze sweeps a sweet scent of coconut past your nose from the sunscreen. Your thirst is being quenched while sipping on an ice cold beverage.

Soon It's time to dust off the sand and head back a few steps away to shower and moisturize your sun drenched glow. The best vacation home has crisp white linens, weathered woods, warm brass, cold marble and a soft throw to snuggle with for a lazy day? The refrigerator is filled with fresh sliced fruit, quinoa salad and the fresh catch of the day marinating. Soon your guest will be arriving and you'll gather around the kitchen laughing and enjoying the conversation.

Wow! Is this the best vacation ever!!!

Okay back to reality, your schedule is full and you don't know when you will have the time to find a soft throw! Let alone plan a dinner party!!

My question is why do we wait for vacation to live a pampered life?

Your home should have all the details that make you feel special and relaxed. You know that shoulders dropped, deep breath and exhale kind of feeling.

There are new amazing products that can give you that light and airy feeling in your home. You don't have to stick with brown to hide the dirt. One in particular is Crypton fabrics it comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. Best of all you can have a white tailored sofa without worrying about stains. Imagine no more stress about throwing your money away on upholstered furniture. I love designing custom pieces for my clients that are just for them. We should always surround ourselves with items that brings us joy. This is the best vacation home.

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