Are you waiting for Permission?

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

What are your dreams for 2019?

Are you guilty of making promises to yourself every year, that you don't keep?

For instance, I'm going to lose weight, start a new business, invest in my home to feel like a sanctuary, book a trip, leave a relationship, save money or start journaling to name a few.

Why is it so easy to say yes to everyone else and not to yourself?

Maybe it's because you're waiting for permission to have those dreams?

I can relate to your pain. I've been guilty of starting and stopping on my dreams. It seemed like every time I made a commitment to myself, life got busy with taking care of my family, cleaning and whatever I could use as an excuse to hold me back. At times I found myself waiting for permission from my family to put me first and guess what, it never happened!

This has always been the most difficult for me, as a mom it's so much easier for me to give support to my children's dreams, because I think I'm clear on what they need. The big question has always been, "what do I need?".

We are the only ones who know what are heart is desiring and sometimes it is scary to say it out loud, let alone claim them and take action.

First, you need to get clear on what your dreams are. Especially, if you want the Universe to conspire by sending the right people, places or things, to support your dreams.

As children we spent time dreaming and using our imaginations. But as we grew older we allowed outer influences to project onto us what was acceptable and what was not. This is the reason we experience mental blocks. The block shows up in a voice every time we try to give ourselves permission to dream big and believe that our dreams are possible. I refer to the voice as our Ego, you know that familiar voice saying "who am I to have this dream?".

I'll tell you who you are, you're a creative soul that is deserving of a life filled with all of your desires. God,The Universe, would not of given them to you if they were not already yours!

So please, give yourself some grace and don't beat up on yourself if it seems to hard to get clear on what you want from life.

The word "passion" has been thrown around a lot over the years and sometimes it makes us feel inadequate when we don't know what our passions are. But that is why you're here reading this, you're not here by accident. You decided to finally say yes to your dreams!

Over the years I discovered some helpful tools to help me get clear whenever I am feeling stuck and push forward. And I am sharing them with you!

Start the morning in meditation, don't strive for perfection. I know it is hard to quiet the mind this takes practice. Just return to your breath if you find yourself going over your to do list.

Ask yourself "what do I want" write it down no matter what shows up and then ask "why".

Write in your journal what ever comes up during your meditation, these are your guides trying to help you with what you're stuck on.

Get your booty out into nature, go for a walk and shift your vibration. Sometimes this makes all the difference when we are feeling stuck.

Daily mantras are very important to keep the negative chatter out of your mind. So create ones that will keep you positive. Here are a few of my favorite.

" I am smart, healthy and wise. And my desires are already mine."

" I am abundant and the Universe is conspiring to give me my dreams."

" I am a money magnet, money flows to be easily."

" I am strong, lean and vivacious I have magnetism."

I hope these tools will give you the courage to invest in yourself and your big dreams. I am here cheering you on every step of the way.

I will see you next time.

Celia XO

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