An Awakened Life

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What does that even mean, an awakened life? For me it''s when we choose to look inside and listen to our souls desires. You no longer look to media, friends and family for approval. It's a sense of confidence in knowing it will all work out. It's a way of living intentionally and observing daily messages that are not coincidental. You desire to make better choices with the food you eat and the home you live in. The thought of living in a superficial world does not excite you. I am not talking about money when I say superficial. Money is just a source of energy that allows us to create a life of our desires and help others, So don't block it!

If you're asking what does an awakened life have to do with your home and decorating, let me just say it has everything to do with your home and how you decorate.

Everything is literally a button away, which makes it difficult to not feel overly stimulated. This is why we are being drawn to the color gray or white, because it gives a feeling of calmness.

The furniture industry has noticed a shift and offer pieces with distressed wood, soft velvets and natural elements. We're craving to be nurtured in our homes, this is why you might be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to decorating. Because it's hard for you to create what you're envisioning when it's being pulled from a feeling. As an interior designer it's my job to explore that with you and create your vision.

It's no different than anything you struggle with an life. If you go to the doctors because you're experiencing pain, it's their job to figure out why it hurts and help you get rid of it. You know how the pain feels, but you don't know your options to make it feel better.

Maybe you're trying to lose weight, you know how you're feeling and can envision a thinner you, but you need the tools to help you reach your goal to feeling lighter.

So being awakened is about listening to your soul's desires from the heart. And creating the life you want by trusting to ask for help you need to experience your higher self.

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